Distributor and Health Disclaimer

We are a ViSalus™ Independent Distributor. While there is a opportunity for income potential and financial gain, as with any business venture, the efforts of individuals vary greatly depending on how many resources (time, effect, and energy) each individual contributes into the company. Therefore we cannot guarantee automatic success as a ViSalus distributor. Every individual’s results will vary as a distributor. There are also some risks involved with being a promotor, it is each individual’s responsibility to check the company and the business plan out for your own individual basis. This website is published by a ViSalus™ Independent Distributor, and not by ViSalus, Inc. ViSalus™ and the Body By Vi™ Challenge are trademarks of ViSalus, Inc.

Health Disclaimer

This website provides you with a weight loss management product, it is in no way a medical supplement. It is a tool used to assist you in weight loss or building lean muscle. StartVisalusToday.com does not give out medical advice and we will not answer your health related questions and issues. We do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions, please seek a physicians advice for medical help. Each individual person who take’s the product will have different results.

Before starting any weight loss product or any other product it is up to each individual to seek medical advice, this is in no way a cure, intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. If you have any medical conditions and are concerned in any way PLEASE consult your physician first. Weight loss results can and will vary from person to person depending on age/gender/and activity level of participant. Testimonies from our customers are no way a guarantee for your own personal weight loss. EVERYONE’S RESULTS WILL VARY!